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Frankenstein is a simple Java library for procedural generation of monster images for computer games, using fixed set of pre-drawn parts.
In order to use this library, you need to create monster part images - various body parts, limbs, eyes, mouths etc, and provide their descriptions, defining how they should be combined. Frankenstein will then use these descriptions and generate unique monster images. It can also generate a 'dead' monster image (by dropping monster on a side and adding some blood beneath it).

Generation can be customized: e.g. you can provide monster parts with additional tags, and generate monsters from parts only with given tag. So that all your "predator" tagged monsters will have sharp teeth, while "fast" tagged monstes will have long legs.

Frankenstein can be used both as a library, and as an external application.

Install instructions

The library can be obtained from


Documentation is available at



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